MAVIN Healthcare Experts was founded in 2008 by Michelle (Stuhr) Bowes after recognizing a vital need in the local medical community for an experienced, knowledgeable, professional and down to earth healthcare information technology (HIT) consulting and provider credentialing resource. As owner and CEO, Michelle personally has more than 20 years of hands on work experience in hospitals, clinics, imaging centers, medical consulting firms and billing companies, both on the clinical and the administrative spectrums, in addition to HIT development and certification advisement.

She’s a trusted colleague of the Colorado State Office of Rural Health, anchoring the REC program as a lead HIT Consultant from 2010-2015. Michelle and her colleagues continue to be active proponents of the expansion of effective HIT across rural Colorado, dovetailing the needs of rural facilities and knowledge of Regulatory Programs to advocate to CMS on the behalf of CRHC members. Most importantly, MAVIN Healthcare experts is there for rural healthcare facilities at the ground level, helping to determine HIT strategy and accomplish CMS program participation goals.

Michelle also provides ONC HIT Certification guidance and expertise to HIT vendors and acts as a CMS Regulatory Program Consultant for a prominent EHR enterprise vendor.

Over the years, MAVIN has evolved to embrace an extensive web of experts in diverse areas. And we’re picky about who we work with – savvy professionals who reflect our elevated morals and work ethic are diamonds in the rough and we’re quick to join forces when we find them!

MAVIN is based in Lincoln, Nebraska and rural health holds a very special place in our hearts. However, we don’t play favorites and are dedicated to supporting medical providers of all specialties, as well as hospitals, lab and radiology facilities, billing companies, health information technology vendors  and physician advocacy associations.

Meet a few our Trusted Experts